Welcome to Rise of the Kirkin.
This is a game of Gestalted Kirkin (https://docs.google.com/document/d/1t-ggdHx2yzuSGQzK7I63vz1F8gTdf-nAklEy_iU3IHg/edit)
The players start off with mythic level 1 and lv 5 exp.

The Kirkin race have rebelled against their masters. They demand the right to exist. Leading this rebellion is a Kirkin known as the Wrath of Mirjin or Wrath for short. She has been successfully keeping the Kirkin safe from the Mercy of the Gora though its an uphill battle.
Gora has hired Raiders to find and destroy the Kirkin safe havens and the players must aid in keeping their race alive for no matter how powerful Wrath is she can not do it alone.

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Rise of the Kirkin